The German-American Connection

40 million Americans claim German ancestry

With their practical skills, dedication, passion for art and culture, German-Americans have helped shape the country and contributed greatly to the American way of life.

Likewolf, the multitalented musician, multimedia artist, and author, delves deep into the historical tapestry of German emigrants and their profound impact on American life and culture.

Through his insightful writings, Likewolf explores the rich heritage and contributions of German immigrants, offering a compelling narrative that resonates with both Americans of German descent and history enthusiasts alike

US President Abraham Lincoln with the forty eighters

German immigration to the United States due to the failed Revolution in Germany.

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with model Skyscraper

The legacy of German-American Architecture in the United States.

German-language original of the Declaration of Independence

A German-language newspaper was the first to report on the Declaration of Independence.


49 million descendants of German immigrants make up 16 per cent of the total U.S. population

Old German book with the title Practical Cookbook for the Germans in America

Many original German dishes are a natural part of American cuisine

German Girl in traditional dress

6 October recognises the contribution of German immigrants to the progress of the United States.

German American Life

The Articles about German-Americans are for everybody interested in the influence of German culture and its profound impact on the life and development of the United States.

Our goal is to reach the German-American community and all those interested in the bond that connects Americans and Germans through culture and history.

We address the question: who are the German Americans and what fundamentals underlie their appearance in U.S. society.