Still Life: Fine Art Photography

May 26, 2024 by LikewolfPortrait of Artist, Musician, Author, and Publisher Likewolf

  • Image: Potato and Sardines on a White Plate

  • Origin:Paris, 2012

  • Description:Still Life Photo: Sardines and Potato Arrangement. Analog film photograph: Rolleiflex, 6x6 Negative.

  • Artist: Likewolf

  • Style: Photograph

  • Edition: 3 (Limited Edition)

  • Verso: Copyright Stamp, Signature, Date, Edition Number

  • Material: Analog Baryth Photo Handprint

  • Paper Details: Baryth paper (The combination of high-quality paper and the chemical processes involved in creating an analog print contribute to its longevity, potentially lasting for generations.)

  • Size: 50cm x 50cm

  • Framing: Not included

  • Price: US$ 400.00

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Likewolf Baryth Handprint: FAQ

This signifies the print is created through a traditional photographic process using light-sensitive chemicals, as opposed to a digital process using printers.

This refers to the paper used for the print. Baryth paper is made with a layer of barium sulfate (baryta) coating that provides a smooth, bright white surface ideal for black and white photography. It's known for its exceptional detail, tonal range, and archival quality.

Each Likewolf fine art photo print is signed and numbered on the back, bears a copyright stamp and the date of printing.

This indicates the print is not mass-produced. A skilled printer makes each print individually in a darkroom using traditional photographic techniques. This involves exposing light-sensitive photographic paper to a negative of the image, developing it in chemicals, and then fixing it to make the image permanent.

In essence, an Analog Baryth Photo Handprint represents the pinnacle of traditional black and white photography, offering a unique and timeless piece of artwork.
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Baryth paper, also sometimes spelled baryta paper, is the star material in the world of analog black and white fine art photography.

Baryth paper elevates a photograph from a simple image to a piece of fine art.

The rich tones, exceptional detail, and archival quality make it the preferred choice for many professional photographers and collectors of black and white photography.