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May 5, 2024 by LikewolfPortrait of Artist, Musician, Author, and Publisher Likewolf

Meet Likewolf, the one-man band that will blow your mind with his raw, powerful guitar sound and unstoppable groove.

Likewolf's music is a blend of alternative modern blues power, with a touch of funk thrown in for good measure.

Guitars in the House

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Likewolf: Cross-genre musician

Multiinstrumentalist and Music Producer Likewolf standing in an archway, holding a white electric guitar. Likewolf is dressed in a black long sleeve shirt and black pants. A wooden floor underfoot has a cable running across it, hinting at the musical setting.
Multi Instrumentalist Likewolf

Likewolf's tracks pulsate with energy, immersing you in a world of pulsating beats, haunting vocals, and electrifying guitar solos.

Likewolf is a one-man-band, which combines a self-described "Electro Blues"-style, consisting of electronic music mixed with Guitar-Based Rock Music.

Sparse arrangements in combination with repetitive, trance-like rhythms as well as the use of bluesy scales are an essential part of the original compositions (available on the free Likewolf online and streaming music player) that lead to a sound that clearly distinguishes Likewolf from other electronically oriented bands.

Likewolf's musical explorations

Multiinstrumentalist and Music Producer Likewolf playing an electric guitar with a sunburst finish. Likewolf is standing in a room with a white wall that has a colorful poster featuring “Sophia Loren”. He is dressed in a black t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes. A black cable runs from the guitar to an amplifier, set on a wooden floor.
Multi Instrumentalist Likewolf

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The sound of Likewolf is described as electro blues, blending elements of Anglo-American rock, blues, jazz, fusion, German electronic and experimental music (reminiscent of Kraut Rock from the 1970s), and contemporary electronic dance music.

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