Sounds Likewolf

up:date August 10, 2022 by Bonn Brandt

Meet Likewolf, the one-man band that will blow your mind with his raw, powerful guitar sound and unstoppable groove.

Likewolf's music is a blend of alternative rock and blues, with a touch of funk thrown in for good measure.

Electro Blues & Rebel Riffs

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Likewolf is a one-man-band, which combines a self-described "Electro Blues"-style, consisting of electronic music mixed with blues and Rock'n Roll.

Sparse arrangements in combination with repetitive, trance-like rhythms as well as the use of bluesy scales are an essential part of the original compositions that lead to a sound that clearly distinguishes Likewolf from other electronically oriented bands.

The sound of Likewolf is described as electro blues, blending elements of Anglo-American rock, blues, jazz, fusion, German electronic and experimental music (reminiscent of Kraut Rock from the 1970s), and contemporary electronic dance music.

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