Epiphany: Dark Art (Wallart)

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  • Title: Epiphany: Whispers from the Dark

  • Origin: Munich, 2023

  • Description: Dark Art Print

  • Artist: Freierstein

  • Style: Digital Artwork

  • Edition: One of a kind (Unique)

  • Verso: Copyright Stamp, Signature, Date

  • Material: Digital Photo Print mounted on Alu-Diobond

  • Size: 40cm x 40cm

  • Framing: Not included

  • Price: US$ 50.00

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  • Shipping Origin: Bavaria/Germany

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Freierstein, Dark Art Print: FAQ

A digital print is a physical reproduction of a digital image created using a digital printing press. The key difference between digital and traditional printing methods is that digital presses don't use printing plates. Instead, they print the image directly onto the target material, which can be paper, fabric, plastic, or even metal.

Alu-Dibond, also sometimes spelled Alu DIBONDĀ® (with a registered trademark symbol), is a composite material commonly used in signage and printing applications. Compared to solid aluminum panels of similar thickness, Alu-Dibond is significantly lighter thanks to its plastic core. This makes it easier to handle and mount
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A dark mind of Munich - Limited Dark Art

Freierstein, a German artist, delves into the dark art world, creating unsettling yet captivating darkart works.

While details about the artist are scarce, Freierstein's art speaks for itself, often using dark imagery and symbolism to explore profound themes.

Whether it's the grotesque or the unsettling, Freierstein's art is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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