Gibson Records: Label for Guitar-Driven Music

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Power Plays: Gibson Records Rocks the Music World

Gibson Records is a platform for artists of many genres to spotlight their talent and reach a global audience. The US guitar manufacturer leverages its industry presence and expertise to extend its influence beyond the production of instruments to provide targeted support for artists and their work.

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Gibson Records Empowers Guitar-Driven Artists

The Gibson recording label offers musicians a unique opportunity to partner with a brand that is recognised in the music world for quality and innovation.

From the hallowed halls of Gibson to the world stage, Gibson Records ignites a new fire.

Fueled by the legacy of guitar riffs and unforgettable anthems crafted on Gibson instruments, the label empowers a new generation of guitar heroes.

Gibson is known as a premium manufacturer of guitars. Now the company has added yet another line of business.

From its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, Gibson Records is releasing records, CDs and tapes.

The strategy behind it is so simple and clever at the same time that one wonders why guitar manufacturers didn't think of it sooner.

And indeed, this strategy was applied long ago in the legendary luthier's history.

Iconic recordings by Les Paul and singer Mary Ford dating from the 1940s and 50s generated considerable revenue for record companies, music publishers and radio stations, as well as boosting sales of electric guitars.

In times when guitar purchases are slow, guitar manufacturers of the 21century have finally discovered the power of the internet.

It has taken a long time for major guitar manufacturers like Fender guitars and Gibson to realise that they can directly sell their goods to their customers via their own website.

Broadening the business to include their own labels and experience-orientated entertainment venues, such as the Gibson Garage, are therefore only natural consequences for the growth of the guitar and lutherie industry.

While Gibson Records isn't a massive label with a huge roster, they strategically focus on a specific niche: guitar-centric music.

Gibson Records aims to leverage its brand recognition and industry connections to provide a platform for emerging and established musicians alike. The company was founded in 2019, with a focus on signing and promoting artists across various genres.

8 important facts to know about Gibson Records

Gibson Record plays a leading role within the music industry and serves as a bridge between artists and the public.

The company's responsibilities go far beyond the mere release of music.

Gibson is an intrinsic part of the entire process of discovering, nurturing, promoting and distributing talent to a global audience.

  • Establishment: Gibson Records was founded in 2019 as a record label affiliated with the renowned guitar manufacturer Gibson.

  • Mission: The label aims to provide a platform for artists across various genres to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience.

  • Synergy with Gibson: Gibson Records leverages the brand recognition and industry connections of Gibson to support emerging and established musicians.

  • Quality and Innovation: As a subsidiary of Gibson, the label upholds the company's reputation for quality craftsmanship and innovation in the music industry.

  • Global Reach: With Gibson's global presence and distribution network, Gibson Records has the ability to promote and distribute music to audiences worldwide.

  • Digital Presence: Gibson Records embraces digital platforms and technologies to connect with audiences, utilizing social media, streaming services, and online marketing strategies.

  • Legacy of Excellence: The label inherits Gibson's legacy of excellence in the music industry, with a commitment to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and professionalism.

  • Distribution: BMG, a major music company, will collaborate with Gibson Records on distribution.

Roles and Functions of Gibson Records

The Gibson label was founded in 2019, with a focus on signing and promoting artists across various genres.

Gibson Records aims to leverage its brand recognition and industry connections to provide a platform for emerging and established musicians alike.

Year Milestone
Discovering Talent One of the primary roles of record labels is to scout and discover talented artists.
Developing Artists Once a label signs an artist, they take on the responsibility of developing their talent and helping them reach their full potential.
Recording and Production Record labels oversee the recording and production process, ensuring that artists have access to high-quality studios and equipment to create their music.
Marketing and Promotion Perhaps one of the most critical functions of record labels is marketing and promoting their artists and music.
Distribution and Sales Record labels are responsible for distributing music to retailers, streaming platforms, and other outlets where consumers can access it.
Artist Support and Management In addition to the practical aspects of music production and distribution, record labels provide ongoing support and management for their artists.
Building Careers Ultimately, record labels play a crucial role in building and shaping the careers of artists, from launching their debut albums to supporting their growth and evolution as musicians

Gibson record serves as the engine driving the music industry, from discovering and developing talent to marketing and distributing music to audiences worldwide.

Gibson Records Takes Center Stage

Asian woman in a top standing next to a record player.
Gibson Records Celebrates Guitar History Through New Music

Gibson Records represents a significant venture by the iconic guitar manufacturer Gibson into the world of record label operations.

Gibson Records Plugs into the Music Industry

Gibson has launched several initiatives to sharpen the brand's profile: Gibson Artist Collections, Gibson TV, the Gibson App, the Gibson Generation Group (G3), Gibson Gives, and the recently opened Gibson Garages in Nashville and London.

The new label is the logical progression of a significant and collaborative phase of the Gibson name.

In this context, Gibson Records is now taking the leap towards producing, recording and promoting artists on a scale previously untapped.

Gibson Artists will work closely with industry experts and professional recording artists.

All of them will profit from the extensive network that Gibson possesses and that consolidates the company's expertise.

Cesar Gueikian, the company's Brand President, is well aware that this is an unprecedented step and was instrumental in realising his vision

For Gibson, the motto at all times has been: "Artists first, and we will emphasise this with the Gibson Record label."

Slash and Gibson Records

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Exploring Gibson Records' Musical Universe

Through strategic partnerships, talent scouting initiatives, and meticulous artist development programs, Gibson Records aims to curate a diverse roster of talent spanning various genres and styles.

This commitment to musical diversity ensures that the label remains relevant and resonant in an increasingly dynamic and multifaceted music landscape.

  • Gibson Records: The official record label affiliated with the renowned guitar manufacturer Gibson, specializing in signing, producing, and promoting musical artists and their recordings.

  • Gibson Artists: Musicians who are signed to Gibson Records and release music under the label's banner, representing a diverse range of musical talents.

  • Gibson Albums: Full-length musical releases produced and released by Gibson Records, typically featuring a collection of songs by one or more artists.

  • Gibson Signings: Refers to the process of Gibson Records signing new artists to their roster, often involving negotiations, contracts, and agreements.

  • Gibson Marketing: Strategies and campaigns employed by Gibson Records to promote and advertise their artists and music releases to a wider audience.

  • Gibson Promotion: Efforts made by Gibson Records to increase awareness and visibility of their artists and music releases through publicity, events, and media coverage.

  • Gibson A&R: The department within Gibson Records responsible for Artists and Repertoire, involved in scouting, signing, and developing new talent for the label.

  • Gibson Roster: The lineup of artists currently signed to Gibson Records, representing a diverse range of musical genres and styles.

  • Gibson Contracts: Legal agreements between Gibson Records and its artists, outlining the terms and conditions of their working relationship, including rights, royalties, and obligations.

  • Gibson Genres: Categories and classifications of music represented by Gibson Records, ranging from rock and pop to jazz, blues, country, and beyond.

Through Gibson Records, the company offers a platform for emerging and established musicians alike, providing them with opportunities to amplify their voices and share their art with a global audience.

Gibson Records: Label Focuses on Guitar Power

While Gibson is primarily known for its guitars, the establishment of Gibson Records allows the company to expand its presence in the music industry and diversify its offerings.

By combining its expertise in instrument manufacturing with its foray into record production, Gibson aims to create a synergistic relationship between its musical instruments and the artists who use them.

At its core, Gibson Records embodies a synergy between the craftsmanship and innovation synonymous with the Gibson brand and the creative expression of musicians.

Gibson Records is not merely a record label; it is a manifestation of Gibson's deep-rooted passion for music and its understanding of the pivotal role artists play in shaping cultural narratives.

Gibson, the famous guitar maker, launched Gibson Records, a new record label focused on music created with Gibson guitars. Gibson Records will partner with musicians to produce, record and promote their music.

Gibson Records: FAQ

Gibson Records is a record label launched in 2021 by Gibson Brands, focusing on promoting guitar-centric music across various genres.

They target guitar-driven music, but include artists from a variety of genres as long as the guitar is central to their sound.

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators is their most prominent artist, but they are likely to include more in the future.

Yes, they have a label partnership with BMG.

They are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the heart of American country music.

While information is limited, their website might have artist submission guidelines in the future, or you can try contacting them directly.

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