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Challenging the Mainstream

Welcome to Likewolf, your digital sanctuary dedicated to addressing a multitude of topics that make up our contemporary universe. We challenge confines and nurture the eclectic by combining the fields of art, music, guitars, technology, photography, fashion, culture, lifestyle, luxury, and beer into dynamic and creative themes of inspiration.

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Exploring new artistic horizons

From musical genres and their associations to exploring the visual arts, technology, publishing, and the thought process of creativity.

Likewolf's Extra Beat manifesto is an invigorating playground that captures the vortex of discourse, communication, creation and individual positions that dare to challenge the status quo.

Pick Your Brain: Guitar Trivia Awaits 🎸

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Take the Guitar Quiz

Dive into the world of six strings with the ultimate Guitar Trivia Quiz! Test your knowledge on legendary riffs, iconic players, and mind-bending guitar facts.

Blues Rock Meets AI

In this forward-thinking video, Likewolf pushes the frontiers of today's music by combining the raw power of blues rock with the futuristic possibilities of AI-generated lyrics and visuals. Experience the harmonious blend of hand-crafted guitar riffs, soulful vocals, and the beguiling appeal of amplified artificial intelligence.

Press play now and immerse yourself in Likewolf's epochal synthesis of analog, handmade blues rock and AI-generated vocals.

Likewolf seeks out new perspectives and inspires others with his enthusiasm. He is a powerhouse in the creative community due to his captivating guitar-based rock music, visionary creations, and thought-provoking writings.

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Three Musicians with their guitars facing a graffity painted wall

Punk's influence persists in contemporary culture, shaping not only music and fashion but also attitudes and perspectives.

Pop art painting of a sensual ibiza woman in a red and yellow swimsuit in front of the ibiza rugged coastline

In the 1960s, Ibiza became a magnet for the hippie movement, attracting artists, musicians, and free spirits from around the world.

Digital art illustration of a Sexy red hair groupie wearing red bikini next to a red guitar.

Pay attention to the artists and artworks that you find most appealing. What is it about the art that you like?

A skeleton playing a white electric guitar in a studio with blue interior background

Guitar-based rock music has its roots in blues, country, and jazz music.

A beautiful sensual black woman in front of a golden brown setting holding a chilled glass of beer in her hand

Beer remains one of the most beloved beverages globally